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Santa Maria

Santa Maria is a streamlined, medium complexity Eurogame in which each player establishes and develops a colony. The game features elements of dice drafting and strategic engine building. The game is low on luck and has no direct destructive player conflict; all components are language independent. In the game, you expand your colony by placing polyominoes with buildings on your colony board. Dice (representing migrant workers) are used to activate buildings; each die activates a complete row or column of buildings in your colony. The buildings are activated in order (left to right / top to bottom), then the die is placed on the last activated building to block this space. It is therefore crucial where you put new buildings in your colony, and in which order you use the dice.

Typ av spel: Strategispel, Vuxenspel
Antal spelare: 1 - 4
Ålder: 12 +
Speltid: 45 min
Utgivare: Aporta games
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Test och betyg av Santa Maria

100 ETC:s speltest 2018
Betyg: 5/5 | Källa: ETC (17 dec 2018)
100 Umeåguidens speltest 2018
Betyg: 5/5 | Källa: Umeåguiden (Nr 09 2018)
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